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Daphne Groeneveld.

New year, new you.

Whether or not your New year’s ressys were (notice the word ‘were’) - weight, fashion, work or even holiday related, I bet you the velvet buckle shoes that I’m wearing that those personalised motivations have most definitely made their departure from ‘Let’s do this!' Although a lot of people have waved goodbye to the whole idea of New Year’s Resolutions after the apparent number of failures, year after year, there are still a number of hopeful candidates that are more than willing to keep to those specific targets!
             In order to keep track on that bumpy road of successfully meeting the targets of those #NYR’s whether it’s the loss of those added (and extremely unwanted) christmas pounds or giving up smoking, it’s important to bear in mind a few handy tips in order to help reach those goals....Before you know it you’ll be wearing that peachy floral number before the sun comes out of hibernation in no time at all!

• Firstly, limit the number of resolutions as well as keeping them idealistic and realistic! Setting yourself up to fail will automatically give you a half-arsed attitude towards the resolutions.

• Inspiration is key! Where motivation is concerned, it’s always important to keep inspirational pictures for your resolutions up on your wall or even lodged in your purse (sitting neatly next to a picture of your mother’s passport picture). Pin up a picture by your window (for when the weather is particularly crappy) of a sizzling hot, sandy beach, with a crystal blue ocean to remind yourself of that fantastic holiday you’ve been promising yourself!

• Whatever your resolutions; start them immediately... for example: sign up for a gym membership or buy any equipment you need.

• Change your life style is always important! You want to stop smoking? Don’t hang out with your smoker friends for a while. You want to lose some weight? Revamp your shopping list as well as shopping on a full stomach so that you aren’t tempted to buy snacks!

• Finally, encourage the people around you to be helpful and supportive! You'll be on your way to a new, improved you in no time....


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